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Over 17 years of practice in central Texas, my patients have asked me many times about treatment options for vaginal looseness, decreased sensation with sex and laxity after childbirth or painful sex because of dryness with menopause. Some women experience involuntary loss of urine with exercise, laughing, coughing and even during sex – this is  STRESS URINARY INCONTINENCE .  Previously, my discussions revolved around Kegel exercises (www.pericoach.com) support devices – like a pessary, estrogen cream or surgical options. Surgical options often require a surgery center or hospital based treatment with 4 – 6 weeks of recovery. Now there is a new option available through Central Texas Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation.

I am proud to offer  Femilift  –  laser vaginal tightening and treatment for vaginal dryness to Central Texas.   Femilift  is a breakthrough procedure that can help restore a  youthful vagina and improve stress urinary incontinence.  The Femilift  vaginal probe is used to deliver laser energy safely to a full circumference of the vagina to promote collagen production and remodeling. Femilift laser vaginal tightening is office based, requiring no anesthesia and has a quick recovery. Patients can return to work and exercise immediately and after four nights of recovery return to sexual activity.  This non – invasive laser vaginal tightening increases sexual gratification to both,  the patient and her partner as well as reducing stress urinary incontinence symptoms. This is a safe alternative to traditional vaginal rejuvenation surgeries and sub – urethral slings.

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